Mobile-geddon – Google’s update April 21, 2015

Mobile-geddon – Google’s update April 21, 2015

A major Google search algorithm update is coming up tomorrow, April 21st.  What’s about to happen? Simply put – google is changing the ranking of websites in favour of mobile-friendly sites.

“Google’s biggest updates of the past are known as Panda and Penguin. The Panda update was released in 2011 with a goal of ranking high-quality sites before low-quality sites. The results affected 12% of all English searches on Google. The Penguin updates happened over three phases from 2012 to 2013 and combined they affected 4% of all Google searches – globally and on all devices. To put this into perspective there are about 3.5 billion searches on Google every day. Google’s new algorithm update on April 21 will affect more websites then both of these previous updates.” (Adam Binder, via

Some people are convinced that the effect of these changes will have more impact than previous major algorithm updates. So it’s about time to check your website for mobile friendliness – you can do that here.

Another nice article summarizing the topic and potential impact to some companies can be found through this link.

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