Consultancy? Agency? How to position COMMONGROUND?

Consultancy? Agency? How to position COMMONGROUND?

Dorothee is co-founder of COMMONGROUND

There’s a large variety of marketing service providers. They position themselves through different industry focus and/ or a difference in their service offering. Of the latter, we have marketing consultancies, advertising agencies, PR and media agencies, online marketing agencies and many more. Now there is also COMMONGROUND. Now, which drawer do we fit in? And why do we think this positioning is just right?

If I tried to describe a typical marketing consultant, it would go as follows: the marketing consultant sees marketing – quite rightly so – as the strategic orientation of a business towards its market. He/she will analyze business targets, target markets, definition of target groups, pricing, product portfolio, etc. He/she will look at the sales planning from a strategic point of view and possibly evaluate and optimize processes in that area. The result of this effort will be a marketing concept, strategic advice, maybe also tools for measuring return on marketing investment. The realization of the marketing concept and strategy however, will be out of his/ her scope.

Quite opposed to the marketing consultant, my description of a typical marketing agency’s service offering would be as follows. The marketing agency is involved when a (marketing) communications concept has been fixed and the individual elements of the marketing mix have been chosen and broken down to a timeline within the business/planning period.

The marketing agency will take on the creative project planning and/or the implementation tasks. In many cases, a number of different agencies are required: a PR agency for external communication, an event agency for realizing a company event or an exhibition presence, an online marketing agency to optimize the web presence or improve search engine positioning.

And how about COMMONGROUND?

In our careers in B2B and technology marketing so far, we have experienced the immense benefits created by tearing down the separation between concept, creation and implementation in favor of an integrated approach. This is an aspect we have decided to target with our service offering:

  • The combination of meaningful and focused content with compelling visualization. Our focus here is specifically on messaging for the portfolio and product levels – together with a consistent tie back to corporate messaging.
  • The consequent alignment of marketing instruments with the content to be transported – throughout the complete process from concept and planning to implementation. This creates a much more solid basis for a dialogue-driven communication with target groups: form follows function!
  • To create a connection between silos in the marketing organization through common alignment with the content targets across teams.

The strengths of COMMONGROUND lie in combining content, creation, marketing communication planning and implementation. We have the skills and experience to work with diverse experts across disciplines, and at the same time the project management expertise to lead the process to the desired result.

This is why we are just COMMONGROUND – neither agency nor consultancy. We are a partner for B2B and technology marketing and use our expertise to our customers’ benefit.

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